Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Geneaolgy tip

Genealogy Tip
Kathryn Brannigan Walizer

Looking for Death Records, Indexes and Obituaries? Check out the genweb, just type in a list of states and the District of Columbia will pop up;
The first one I looked at was Online Pennsylvania Death Records Indexes and Obituaries.

Here I found Pennsylvania Obituaries Archive hat included various newspapers and years, never know your year may be listed so check it out.

Next I scrolled down to Philadelphia Death Certificates and up popped a family Search page the I typed my ancestor Michael Lawler death date into the search box and viola Up pops the record. a downloadable death certificate

Once I left the genweb, however for Family Search I had to retype the original online dearth records online at genweb. or you could just save it in favorites for easy return
Next state I looked under was Oho, and viola more success the good people of Family Search have scanned in many of Ohio death certificates and I found another relatives' death certificate for the year 1947.

I checked many of the states and Family Search has a variety of years scanned in for free but not every year for every state. so look over the list and see if your state and year is done What is great about this site is that it lists the years that the free certificates are available so if you know the name and year you are half way there!!
Good hunting.

Enjoy !!

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