Saturday, March 6, 2010

German Roots

German Roots
Kathryn Brannigan Walizer

While browsing the Internet a few months ago I typed "genealogy sites" in Google
Many sites came up but one site caught my attention. Now perhaps you are saying fine but I do not have German ancestors. Well do not pass this up because this site should have the sub-title "And Every Other Nationality" I started to click the links on the main page and was amazed with all the genealogy information jammed packed into the compact web site, Again each link will take you to pages and pages of genealogy information that will be of help to everyone.

The First link I decided to look at was Search Online Genealogy Records this opens a page with General Genealogy Indexes & Records - USA and Genealogy Records for Individual Groups & Countries alphabetical by country or ethnic group now this page alone will take days to go though

The Second link I opened was Finding People and Places this will give you Online Telephone Books & People Finding Tools. An especially useful link is the People Searching link which helps in finding living and recently deceased people in the USA plus online tools for adoptees, genealogists and other missing persons searchers this page also has telephone books and white and yellow pages for every section of the USA.

The Third link I tried was General Resources that brings up general genealogy resources on the Internet including "FamilySearch", "Cyndi's List", "Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project 'Ancestry's Genealogy Message Boards , "US GenWeb Project Archive", "Genealogical Resources at the National Archives", "", and" Library of Congress", along with many other links to wonderful sites.

The Fourth link I wanted to explore was the Emigration and Immigration Records, here you will find links to sections on this page listed on the top as:Passenger Arrival Records | Passenger Departure Records | Naturalization Records | Ships

Totally amazed at the information I was accessing, I continued to roam though all the new pages these links brought up.

The Fifth link I explored was Census Clues and Links which details US census help, links & online records. Many of these sites are fee based like, but give it a look it also has many links to great information. It also has free downloadable blank census forms.

The Sixth link I looked at was Online Searchable Military Records I know many will find this page very informative, as it details every war from the Revolution to Vietnam and every conflict in-between

Down to the Quick Link section I suggest everyone browse though this section, there you will find links to searchable databases online
It has indexes, records & databases on the Internet

And the moral is: "Do Not Judge A Website By Its Name'. and oh yes, if you happen to be researching German ancestors this web site will be a very, very good help.

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