Friday, March 5, 2010

Genealogy Research and Organization

Genealogy Research and Organization
by Kathryn Brannigan Walizer

Most of the articles I write detail genealogy websites and how they can help in the discovery of family history. In the ever-expanding genealogical and cyber world many other opportunities are now afforded to the beginning, intermediate and experienced genealogist.

Genealogy Newsletters and Blogs keep us up to date when new databases go online, they list conferences, classes, and webinairs. Most of these sites have news feeds that you can subscribe to, and they will notify you when these changes occur. The following is a list of some of the best in that area.

1. Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter,
2. Dear Myrtle,
3. Cyndi's List,
4. Genealogy Roots Blog,

The next area is Genealogy Libraries and Archives. If you have the opportunity, don't miss out by visiting one of the following.

1. Allen County Public Library (Indiana),
2. Library of Congress,
3. National Archives and Records Administration,
4. New York Public Library (Genealogical Research Room),
5. Newberry Library (Chicago),

Do not forget to check the local library near you, many have genealogy departments, microfilmed records that include obituaries, death lists, and the all important vertical file.

Many libraries offer Heritage Quest that can be accessed though you home computer. This is an invaluable tool that allows you to search census records right from you home computer. So be sure to check this one out.

There are also many websites online that offer help in research and organization. The ones that I found very helpful were

2. Familysearch,
3. Genealogy,
4. Shoestring Genealogy,

The next area of research involves social interaction with other genealogists. These groups are Social Networking groups and we all need help and it is also nice to be able to help others out when we can

1. Yahoo Groups,, has many groups for genealogists, for example there are over 20 groups for Pennsylvania research. There is a search area where you can search for a surname group or local area group. Here you are able to post a question and those on the site will try to get some answers for you. It is also a great place to share information.
2. Genforum, and all the genealogical forums are another great place to connect with persons doing research in a particular area or a surname you are interested in. Also try the E-Mail Lists offered though these sites they will keep up to date on any changes posted on a surname list or area.
3. The new kid on the block is Genealogywise, This site is similar to Facebook but specifically for genealogists. Here you have your own page, where you can list your surnames, areas of research, post photos, receive and send e-mail to other members. There are groups of interest for you to join and interact with other researchers.

Many of these group members have access to research tools and will help group members. The next area you will find on the site is the chat. Here you can interact in real-time with other genealogists that share your passion. There are also scheduled presentations by noted genealogists. If you want to stay up to date and informed check out this site.

All these research areas will give you basic techniques for research and organization and who doesn't need that.

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