Friday, July 30, 2010

Encylopedia of Genealogy/Heritagequestonline

for Heritagequest

Kathryn Brannigan Walizer

While looking for the website for I saw the site being curious, I clicked on it. This is a site
all genealogist need to visit regardless of their expertise. It is an Encyclopedia of
Genealogy. It not only lists and explains what heritagequest online contains, it is itself
a valuable tool that makes your quest to research family history just a little bit easier.
The site is sponsored by Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter also by, and, your online genealogy

Clicking on the Eastman link will bring you to the and the
Eastman Online Newsletter by the premier genealogist Dick Eastman. If you have not
visited this newsletter, be sure to bookmark this site as it contains valuable genealogy
information .

The first link on the left site will bring you to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy here you
will find genealogical tools and ways to reference information about everything in
genealogy. You can find locations where records may be found and the various ways
available to research ethnic nationalities and places

The search link will help you find information on just about anything genealogical, for
instance. if you type in "ancestry", it will bring up a mired of articles related to that
word. Typing in the word census will bring up a list of articles detailing all aspects of
census and the word genealogy will bring up no less than 151 articles.

The index link will bring up a list of words in alpha form ,say you are researching a
particular family and you come across the phrase Alien Registration, if you click on that
in the index it will bring up an article explaining just what was involved in that and also
all information included on the Alien Registration Form (AR-2):

Why would this help you ask?, well millions of aliens who registered in 1940 had long
been resident in the United States and remained here ever after. In some cases, a
1940 Alien Registration is the only INS document concerning such individuals. Early
registrations (c. July 1940-April 1944/A-numbers below 12,000,000) are on microfilm in
INS custody, searchable by name, date of birth, and place of birth. These records are
subject to the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act. There is even a link

Available by clicking on the Freedom of Information Act Just a little tip, never pass up
a blue HTML link on a genealogy webpage you will find portals to many websites that
you never new existed and n this case it brings you to a US government website
dealing with Naturalizations and Citizens.

People on this site are encouraged to post articles on anything, including your local
genealogy societies, help features on how to research ethnic ancestors or just what
worked for you that may help others who may be staring at that “Brick Wall” , you all
know the one's and we have all been there.!

Keep in mind that others can edit the information you post The sponsors of the
Encyclopedia of Genealogy suggest that you only post information here that you wish to
share with the genealogical community and that you feel will help them.

By now you are thinking "OK I would love to post some tips and genealogy tricks that
will help others, but how can I do that". The very first link on the left site of the site is the
Encyclopedia of Genealogy , clicking here will bring up a page that states "Everyone is
invited to contribute public domain information to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy" and
gives you step by step instructions on how to do it.

In the beginning of this article I mentioned Heritagequest Online was the website I was
interested in finding, clicking on will bring up
a great page on The Encyclopedia of Genealogy that includes information on what
Heritagequest Online will offer plus an added benefit, a list of all the libraries known to
have HeritageQuest Online remote access and they are listed by states, so if you are
not sure if you can get Heritagequest at home check out this list. You just might find out
your local or county library provides this great genealogical service to you free of
charge. I just love that word FREE.


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